Co-driver Carl Williamson.

Gasket burned from exhaust pipe and darkness caught us (we didn´t get extra lights in time). Regardless first and second place to Finland; Mikko Hirvonen 1st and me 2nd.

Motorsport News: “With Burton hitting trouble, Latvala was on hand to capitalise and claim second overall by a margin of four seconds. We had to keep an eye on the temperature gauge because we had to drill a hole in the front of the bonnet to fit the light pod and it seemed to upset the airflow into the engine and radiator,” said the rising Finnish star. “But apart from that, everything went quite well.”

2nd overall, Class B13 2nd

Mitsubishi Lancer EVO 6,5 four-wheel drive, group A as rally car.
Service team Fairfield Motorsport.
Motor sport coach Pentti Airikkala.