Co-driver Miikka Anttila.

The first two stages went on by getting used to the modern WRC, but already on the third stage we made 8th fastest time. Unfortunately the rest of the stages on Friday failed, because of the wrong tyre choice. On Saturday our hopes were up, but then there was trouble with charger. It took 12 minutes overtime to repair it. As a result we got two minutes penalty and we lost our chances to get some points in this race. Three times in a row I was able to drive the 6th fastest time on Sunday, which was my best performance ever. We were to continue like that on Sunday, but on the first stage throttle lever came off. It took us four minutes to fix that in the middle of the stage. We were more than ready to attack on then next stage, but it didn´t work out that way, because of the terrible accident of Markko Märtin. The rally was stopped and we went to service. We pulled out from the contest to honour Michael Park, Märtin´s co-driver, who died in the accident.

retirement SS15

Ford Focus WRC
Service team Viijari Oy.