Co-driver: Miikka Anttila

We had a new car and I didn´t have very much experience in driving a WRC car on tarmac, so we started this rally fairly slowly. I pushed a little bit more on stage two and we were tenth when we arrived at the first service. The speed increased on the third stage and a little bit too much on the fourth. There was sand on the road in one long curve over the bridge. I tried with a higher gear than normally. Our car got under steered and I couldn´t control it anymore. We hit the railing which broke down and dropped into the ravine. Luckily the car stayed on the road. The left suspension was hit very hard but the mechanics were able to repaire it in Friday evening. We got a 15 minute penalty because we didn´t drive all the stages on Friday. Our goal was to make some good stage times on Saturday and Sunday. After a sticky start on Saturday the rest of the rally went well. We drove a few tenth fastest times during the two last days. At best we were fifth on one stage. Our final result was 16th.


Ford Focus WRC 04
Team: Stobart Motorsport
Rally engineer Asko Kosonen