Co-driver: Miikka Anttila

It was +30 degrees when we started the 5th rally of the season. The heat was pretty hard for the cars. As early as on the first special stage we had problems with the breaks and we were four seconds slower than the stage winner. The next two stages went well and we were third, one tenth of a second away from the second place. On stage four we started having problems with the hydraulics. The problems lasted all the way to the finish line. It wasn’t easy to drive because the locks didn’t work right due to those earlier mentioned problems. Still we were able to finish second, but we had an unpleasant surprise waiting for us in the finish: we were disqualified because of an incident that happened on stage two. Our car died at time control and we were pushed aside by the organizers. That was against the rules according to the judgment of FASF.


Toyota Corolla WRC
Team: Latvala Motorsport Ltd
Competition engineer: Asko Kosonen