Co-driver: Miikka Anttila

It was nice to go to New Zealand because the year before we won P-WRC there and were number eight in overall. On Friday morning we started driving in the rain on very slippery roads. We chose a bit harder tire compound than the others but the tires worked pretty well anyway and after two stages we were fifth. We took the same tires as everyone else for the afternoon stages. Our pace was better than in the morning but the tires were getting worn out and I lost my confidence in the car. As a result my driving got too aggressive. On Friday evening we were still fifth before the service. On Saturday the stages were drier and faster which was good for my way of driving. My times got much better and by the time of the afternoon’s 30-minute service we had risen to the fourth place passing Chris Atkinson, only with 1,6 seconds marginal though. In the afternoon the over 30 kilometres long stages went perfectly and I was able to leave Atkinson more. On Sunday our aim was to maintain the fourth place but Chris was close, only 10,5 seconds behind. On Sunday we had seven stages. In the morning the first two stages went exactly at the same pace with Chris but he got more speed on the third stage and the gap between us was only 4,5 seconds. In the afternoon we drove the same stages for the second time and again the first two went at the same pace but on the third stage Chris passed me although I tried to push as hard as I could, maybe I pushed a bit too hard. The last stage was a Super Special where Chris was a bit faster and he beat me with 4,6 seconds. I was disappointed because I lost a hard battle but the race itself was one of my best performances ever because I was able to drive without mistakes and the winner was only two minutes 37 seconds better than me.


Car: Ford Focus WRC -06
Service Team: Stobart