Co-driver: Miikka Anttila

Motoring Club arranged the ninth time PreAlpi Master Show which has been in a form of a mini rally three times now. The president of the Motoring Club, my former team principal, asked me to come to Italy and drive Latvala Motorsport’s old WRC Toyota Corolla. I had driven a WRC Ford Focus the whole year so it was fun to get back behind the steering wheel of our old Toyota. The competition was one ten kilometres long stage driven four times but only three fastest times were counted. The stage was different every time because the conditions changed from a few degrees below zero to a few degrees above zero which offered some extra excitement but it suited me and my car well. We were the fastest on every stage so we won the race 26 seconds before Luca Rosetti who drove Super 2000 Peugeot. Jari Ketomaa was fourth and won the P-WRC.


Car: Toyota Corolla WRC
Team: Latvala Motorsport
Competition engineer: Asko Kosonen