After being sixth in Catalonia it was nice to go on to Corsica. Now my self-confidence was on a different level from that before Catalonia. Even the weather forecast promised it would be nice and dry during the rally. On Friday my driving was better than in Catalonia but there were still too many mishaps in the beginning of the race. I almost drove off the road three times. The lead went approximately 0.5 seconds faster per kilometer throughout the whole day so I was fifth by the end of day one, about two seconds behind Petter Solberg and about two seconds in front of Chris Atkinson. On Saturday the roads were more technical than on Friday and they felt better for me except for the first stage in the morning. I passed Petter Solberg during the day and I was fourth now making the gap between us two bigger and bigger. I wasn’t far from the fastest stage times either. On Sunday morning Mikko Hirvonen had a puncture on the first stage and he lost so much time I passed him and I was third at this point. Even Petter drove faster than Mikko who was now in the fifth position. On the second stage it was Petter’s turn to have a puncture and now Mikko took the fourth position. I drove better and better and was able to drive one fastest time. Loeb and I had the same fastest time. And then it was time to start the final stage of the rally but both Duval and I had to be late for the time control so that they had to give us time penalty. That we did to let Mikko take the second position in the rally. My time penalty was 1.5 minutes because I was told to be nine minutes late for the stage start. But not even that was enough I had to drive more slowly to the finish, too. After all that strategy Loeb won, Mikko was second, Duval third and I was fourth. The team wanted to give Mikko a chance to try and win the title. Another reason was and is to try and win the title for the team. What I did meant a lot to the team but for me it was a disappointment.

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