We drove this race test wise having Monte Carlo 2012 in mind. The race was driven in Ste Maxime in Southern France about 1000 km from Nice. This race took two and a half days and had varying stages: wide roads, narrow sections, bumps, track like sections and old tarmac. It was a dry weekend but cold nights gave us challenge because they brought humidity to the mountains so there was much change in grip. One stage on the last day was driven in fog. All in all this rally was much harder than I expected beforehand. I started racing having testing in mind but because some stages felt so nice I tried to drive them flat out and the last stage of the rally I drove as fast as I could. The hardest rivals in the race were Stephane Sarrazin and Ott Tanak. They both drove fast and it was interesting to see the difference between old and new WRC cars. Tanak drove a new Fiesta WRC like me and Sarrazin drove an old Peugeot 307 WRC. They both had a puncture which helped me to ease up my driving. We got good test data from that race which we can use in the tests for Monte Carlo. I won this race which was my first victory in overall on tarmac.