In October Peurunkaralli was driven around Laukaa area. This rally had five special stages. Toyota Celica St165 was finished two months before this rally. I was competing with this car in Pohjanmaa Rally. That rally ended to the technical issue, which I caused by myself. That’s why I wanted to have a clean rally.

For the first time my friend Juho Hänninen was co-driving in the rally. In the first stage’s first proper corner we were really near to go off. Start for the rally was quite fierce and Juho said me: “With this driving we won’t see the finnish flag.” I slow down a little bit and found a good rhythm. After this we had really nice rally.

In the general group Teemu Asunmaa was a bit faster with his R5 Skoda, but we were still on the second position. In the last stage we had some engine issue, but otherwise car was working properly and we finished the rally on the second position.