One of my favourites. I was prepared and I felt we could drive for the victory. Our starting position was good which was an advantage for us. We were leading on Friday morning but on Friday afternoon, I made an unbelievable mistake. I couldn’t understand how I cut too early in a slow corner and our car went upside down. There were not many spectators and it was difficult to get the few there were to help us. It took almost eight minutes to get the car back on the road and we could continue the race. There was not much damage but we lost so many minutes. We just tried to drive the rest of the stages and then get the car to service. We damaged our windshield and had to get rid of it. It wasn’t as difficult as one would think. Just a bit windy inside but to keep your head somewhat down and it was okay. I had my glasses on so my eyes took the wind well. Unfortunately on Friday evening we had trouble with steering. The steering jammed and I went off into a small ditch and bush. It didn’t damage the car but with jammed steering we could not continue. The car was fixed and we could continue on Saturday and Sunday (Rally 2 rule). Now I was the first car on the road, so it was a bit difficult. On Sunday we tried to get a few extra points on power stage. Too bad that Tänak had the same steering problem and he lost the lead. He dropped to the fifth position overall.