19.5.2002 TAV Sprint Y II

Was written in Hanaa 24.5.2002 -magazine:

“Corolla driver Jari-Matti Latvala had biggest favorite pressures in youngsters’ group. This time Latvala wasn’t able to take the victory, because Honda Civic pilot Jani Hirvonen was fastest at the both runs.”


5.5.2002 Raahen V Asfalttisprint Y I

Was written in VM 6/2002 -magazine:

“In youngsters’ group we didn’t have to guess who’s gonna win, because Corolla driver Jari-Matti Latvala was there. He took the victories at both days by over six seconds margin.”


4.5.2002 Asfalttisprint Hiekkasärkät Y I

Was written in Hanaa 8/2002 -magazine:

“In youngsters’ group Jari-Matti Latvala from Alavuden UA was overwhelming. Latvala who is driving with Toyota Corolla drove the route with the time 1.09,18. Latvala was over seven seconds faster that Jani Hirvonen, who was second fastest.”


17.3.2002 Keuruun Rallisprint Y I

Was written in Hanaa 12.4.2002 -magazine:

“The were seven drivers in youngsters’ group. Well-known fighting couple Jari-Matti Latvala – Joonas Lindroos were controlling the competition. Latvala, with Corolla, was the fastest man at the both passes, and took his 22nd victory.”


16.3.2002 Eläinpuisto Sprint Y I

Was written in Viiskunta 25.3.2002 -magazine:

“Jari-Matti Latvala continued his convincing winning streak also in Eläinpuisto sprint at the youngsters’ group. At the second pass times were better, because there weren’t so many yellow warning flags than in the first pass. Jari-Matti Latvala’s time 2.19,88 was over second faster than Lindroos.”


10.3.2002 Ylihärmän SP Sprint Y I

Was written in Hanaa 22.3.2002 -magazine:

“Youngsters’ group was again Jari-Matti Latvala’s show, nevertheless Latvala wasn’t happy with his performance. – My driving wasn’t good today. It was very slippery and there were couple of big moments at the first pass. Now we will start proper driving training, told Latvala, who had brand new engine. Latvala took the win by 4,21 seconds to Sami Korvola, who is representing Pohjankyrö UA.”


3.3.2002 Hämeenkyrön Sprint Y I

Was written in Hanaa 22.3.2002 -magazine:

“In youngsters’ group Jari-Matti Latvala took the win again with Corolla GT. This time the time would be second fastest in general group and the fastest in juniors’, so yongter’s speed is consistent event after event.”


17.2.2002 Barum Sprint, Jämsä Y I

Was written in Hanaa 3/2002 -magazine:

“In youngsters’ group battle Jari-Matti Latvala – Joonas Lindroos was waited. Latvala was the fastest at the first pass by 9,5 seconds before Sami Korvola. Lindroos’ first pass ended up to the whowvy off at the last junction. At the second pass Latvala improved his time by 1,6 seconds and ensured his victory. – I had older Corolla today, haven’t drive with that for four months. That is why the first pass was more or less getting used with that. Told Latvala.”


10.2.2002 Toivakka Sprint Y I

Was written in Hanaa 3/2002 -magazine:

“In youngsters’ group Joonas Lindroos was driving with VW Golf with maximum attack in the first pass. He’s time was almost seven seconds faster than Jari-Matti Latvala. Latvala’s bad time was caused by situation when he reached driver who started to the stage before him, and he wasn’t able to pass him at the narrow road. Latvala started second pass as a contender. Now Corolla was moving with the style that had been seen before, impressively and fast from start to finish, and he improved his time by 7,2 seconds. Lindroos wasn’t able to improve his time, so Latvala took the victory again.”


3.2.2002 Kuortaneen sprint Y I

Was written in Viiskunta 7.2.2002 -magazine:

“16-18 year old drivers, who are not able to get official driving license, are competing in youngsters’ group. Jari-Matti Latvala from Töysä who represents Alavuden UA, had his 16th birthday last april, has been driving in this group from win to win. At Kuortane Latvala also fastest and his time, 2.42,42 would be enough to win also juniors’ group.”

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