Jari-Matti’s thoughts about his first start:

“The first start in competition was extremely exciting moment. I was so nervous, that I felt like I wasn’t breathing at all during the first lap. Second start was considerably easier and that’s why I was able to win the event. Toyota Corolla GT was in right shape, but we didn’t have proper racing tyres. We get right tyres right before the start and that increased my tense. I had only once driven rally car on tarmac at Kemora.”


Was written in Hanaa -magazine:

“In youngsters’ group Jari-Matti Latvala took his first victory in his first event ever. Jari-Matti, who had his 16th birthday at the start of April, is second-generation rally driver. His father is Jari Latvala. Jari-Matti passed by Starlet pilot Hannu Lanamäki. Their cap was 1,0 second. Pekka Keski-Korsu, who was driven VW, was one second behind them.”