Co-driver Carl Williamson.

“Aamulehti” newspaper: “The youngest Finnish sixth former of all times who has participated to world championship rally goes through morning´s special stages so enthusiastic that he doesn´t have time to eat his lunch. Roads are awfully slippery. Sometimes there is grip, but when I try to increase speed, problems turn up and I am near to go off the road. It is difficult to drive, when I don´t know where I can drive fast and when not, explains Latvala. Young man seemes simply eager, but admits that maybe also tension affects to his driving. First world championship rally is really something special for a rally driver. One puncture, 2 broken drive shafts, a few needless spins and on second last stage troubles with gear changer. Yet 17th in this thrilling rally. (yes !).”

“Aamulehti” newspaper: “According to Airikkala, Latvala has excellent contact for driving, but he has yet a lot to learn. Young man has intensive and versatile timetable for next year.”

17th overall, Class A8 17th

Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 6,5 four-wheel drive, group A as rally car.
Service team Fairfield Motorsport.
Motor sport coach Pentti Airikkala.