Co-driver Miikka Anttila.

Pressures were terrible after driving off the road on Isle of Man. My instructions were to bring car to finish line in one piece. On first day I drove carefully. On the beginning of second day antilag system started malfunctioning. It troubled us in small roads. On stage 16 (Moksi-Leustu) zylinder head gasket started leaking and engine was lacking of power. After the stage we had to get water from ditch with bottles. When we drove to next stage we got time penalty 1m 40s. We drove Vaheri without ALS. Before Sunday the leak was fixed but engine performance was still weak. We drove and enjoyed being as first car on road on last leg. Our placing was moderate, best newcomer.

14th overall

Ford Focus WRC -02
Service Team M-Sport
Rally engineer Esko Reiners