Co-driver Miikka Anttila.

Our goal in this contest was to chase after third position and with these points we could win the whole Subaru Cup. Fears came true on second stage, when second gear started malfunctioning. Before that we were leading, but because of the problems we dropped second. Roads were slippery and we drove slow, so second gear should have been handy. We persistently continued the struggle, although the gear was not working every time. It appeared for a while that rally is too long for us and others are going to catch us. When it became dark, I could keep up the pace while others slowed down a bit. Battle was worthwhile and we won the Subaru Cup.

12th overall, 2nd in Subaru-Cup, Win of Subaru-Cup

Subaru VRX 4 four-wheel drive, group N.
Service team Motoring Club.
Rally engineer Esko Reiners