In autumn 2011 the suspension arm of our BDA Escort broke down and the car went off the road in rally Kerava. The car was badly damaged and we had to start rebuilding it. It took us about eight months but we were able to finish it just before rally Lapua which was the first summer event in this year’s Finnish championships series. Some improvements were made, too. I had a small break from the series so I wanted to go and try this renewed racing car of ours. There was a bit excitement in the air before the start because I hadn’t driven a rear wheel drive for a long time but after the first corner the excitement was all gone. The engine was doing 9000 rpm and the rear wheels were steering. There was a minor problem on the first stage when the air filter clogged up and the engine didn’t get enough air. The engine could only do 6000 rpm (normally 6000 rpm – 9000 rpm) and going forward was slow. We lost almost a minute because of that but luckily the problem was fixed in the service. On stages two and three I found the old feeling again and my driving started to be more relaxed and enjoyable. At the end of the stage three I hit the handbrake a bit too fast and we span. Stage four was the last one. My co-driver and I drove flat out although the roads were not so good anymore because our starting position was closer to one hundred. The race was good for us because we won Historic -81 class in spite of the minor problem at the beginning of the rally. This renewed racing car of ours has a better drive grip than earlier and the engine works better than before.