This Historic Rally Trophy event was driven in almost my home roads and it suited well to my calendar before the Rally Sweden. Rally driver and friend of mine, Juho Hänninen, was my co-driver.

For the two first special stages we enjoyd a lot about snowy but really slippery roads. We got some long slides.

In the third special stage left front wheel started to shake and soon after that we lost drive from the front. I thougt that drive shaft was broked and I tried to drive safely to the end of the stage. 200 metres before the stage end whole left front wheel loosed and flew to the snow bank. We were able to drive the end. I ran to take the wheel from the snow bank. With the help of friendly spectators I found the wheel and we started to fix the breakage and we were able to take the car to the service.

At the service we sorted out that breakage of the wheel bearing was the reason for loosing the whole wheel. We found a new bearing but we noticed that wheel bearing housing of upright was badly damaged. That is why we weren’t able to fit the new bearing and we had to retire.