Monte Carlo didn’t go well and Corsica was a disaster. Driving on tarmac was not good at all, hadn’t been for a long time. I felt pressure because I had to succeed to get the manufacturer’s points. Hyundai was ahead and we wanted to catch them. So I needed a good result in Germany. My aim was to be on top five. At first it was a bit stiff and I just couldn’t quite get it. I was thinking of my driving too much. I had been in Ahvenisto and practiced with Olli Haapalainen and Antti Puri (track specialists). Finally I lowered my shoulders and started to relax in the cabin. Tommi (team principal) phoned me and told me to relax. Just relax and everything would be easier. So it was, even through the whole weekend. Ogier and Neuville had punctures. Finally Toyota had 1-2-3 positions. I was third. On Sunday we froze the situation and didn’t compete with each other. Sordo was fourth and tried to push but he wasn’t able to beat me. I was faster a couple of times and he was faster a couple of times. So I ended up third and was so happy. Another podium in a row.