The pressure was enormous when I went to the gravel roads of Spain. Driving off in Wales and taxation problems in Finland were bothering my mind and Manufacturers’ Championships battle needed points. One could see all this in my driving in the morning: no rhythm and horrible to watch. In the afternoon I could be more relaxed and my times started to reach the leading group. But I was so far behind that I was only sixth. On Saturday it was tarmac and I felt more confident because I knew my car worked fine on such surface. It was fun to drive and I tried to drive fast but safe to get the Manufacturers’ points which we needed to win Hyundai. I was 30 seconds behind the lead and could not reach it but I was able to get the fifth position because Meeke drove off the road. On Sunday I came closer and closer to Loeb but ran out of stages and the fifth position was all I could get. Ott Tänak won Power Stage clearly and became second. He was 0,4 seconds better than Dani Sordo. Ott Tänak confirmed his World Championships 2019 victory. He was able to end the 16-year-domination of the French. Thierry Neuville won the race and Hyundai was now 18 points ahead of Toyota in the Manufacturers’ World Championship points.