After the Finnish Championship rally in Kouvola, which went well, my Toyota Celica was supposed to have just a minor service and check-up before the home race Rally Pohjanmaa. While servicing we saw that there were more broken parts than expected which gave us more work than we had thought, for example we had to change the turbo. The time was running out but we managed to get the car ready one day before the rally. Now it was time to set the lights because there would be stages driven in the dark. Unfortunately one of the teeth of the front CWP came off and went through the top of the transfer box causing leakage of oil. All of it leaked out. We had only one day to change the transfer box but the mechanics did a brilliant job and managed to fix the car on time. The race started approximately one hour late on our behalf due to occasional delays but finally we were able to start our first stage. But the turbo did not last. I managed to drag the car about 800 meters to the first crossroads but that was it, the race was over. The turbo had been changed, only about 50 kilometers driven, but the car with all its technical details never tells you beforehand when it is going to break down.