Adriatico Rally, Italy (gravel) 10-11.9.2004

Co-driver Miikka Anttila.

This rally was a round of Italian Rally Championship. Start was excellent. We were 4th overall on first stage. Car was working and driving felt good. After first leg we were 6th, we dropped down due to dust problems.

The beginning of second day went as good as first one and we raised even 4th place. But after wrong tyre choise, we were again 5th I tried to fight 4th place back on two last stages, but I made a mistake and rear tyre hit a bank. So rear suspension was damaged and I had to drive peacefully to finish.

5th overall, class 1st

Subaru WRX, group N.
Service team Motoring Club


Rally San Martino di Castrozza, Italy (tarmac) 8-10.7.2004

Co-driver Carl Williamson.

Round of Italian Rally Championship. First rally with group N car in tarmac and mountain roads. We started carefully but on middle of SS5 we had to change a tyre. Because of that we lost 3,5 minutes. It rained on next day, which I preferred. Unfortunately engine started to leak and power vanished. Luckily we were able to drive to finish. Surpise, surprise we got a huge trophy, as we were the best foreign drivers.

15th overall, class 8th

Subaru WRX, group N.
Service team Motoring Club


SM Exide rally, Tampere, Finland 3.7.2004

Co-driver Timo Hantunen.

We had a really fantastic car. In the beginning I was far too nervous and that´s why I nearly drove off the road. After that I got my confidence back and I improved my pace towards the finnish. Even if weather was rainy and slippery, we were truly happy in finish.

3rd overall, Class 3rd

Ford Focus WRC -03, group A.
Service team Rallyteam Vähäniko.


SM Itäralli, Joensuu, Finland 12.6.2004

Co-driver Miikka Anttila.

Fathers against sons rally. It was really fantastic feeling to get into WRC car again. Rally began relatively well. I had a small mistake on super special stage, but it didn´t harm us. I was third but I dropped to 5th when I had to drive on heavy dust. I was really pleased with my performance especially when I drove second fastest time on last stage.

5th overall, Class 4th

Toyota Corolla WRC 99, group A.
Service team JM Engineering.


Rally Costa Smeralda, Italy (gravel) 6-8.5.2004

Co-driver Carl Williamson.

We tested the new car. We had problems already in the beginning. We didn´t have enough grip and engine performance was weak. When schock absorber broke down, we had to retire on SS4 because of factory defect.

retirement SS4

Ford Fiesta, Super 1600cc -04.
Service team Astra Racing


Rally Prealpi Trevigiane, Italy 26-27.3.2004

Co-driver Carl Williamson.

We had every chance to compete tough and car felt good in tests. On stage 3 I made an error. When car slided in junction, it poked in to furrow and it rolled upside down in the middle of the road. It took only a minute to continue but then on SS4 we retired because differential lock broke.

retirement SS4

Subaru VRX 4 four-wheel drive, group N.
Service team Motoring Club.
Rally engineer Esko Reiners

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