Co-driver Miikka Anttila.

With steady drive rally started well, until on SS3 I hit a stone when I followed the lines of “the big boys”. Schock absorber broke and rim went to pieces. I had to change the tyre. Changing did not go as planned because jack fell down. Finally we spend time 5,5 minutes. At finish we were comforted with the knowledge that six other WRC drivers had hit to the same stone. The rest of Friday and Saturday we drove steadily, but yet to get good stage times. We got some slow times too on the last stage before service because studs always came off.

On Sunday there was some very nice stages ahead and I managed to do some good times. On new stage we were even 10th fastest. I was content.

16th overall, class 15th

Toyota Corolla WRC
Service team Latvala Motorsport Oy.