Jari-Matti’s top moments 2003-2006


(this is not fully group N)

Surprisingly nice to drive, but powerless, neat and well built. I drove this car in Italian Subaru Cup (seven rallies) in 2003.

Focus WRC -01

ex Colin McRae (safari car).

Very powerful, turns good, excellent brakes. In whole a magnificent car. I participated with this car to the British Championship (seven rallies) in year 2003.

Ford Focus -02

I drove this car in four World Championship Rallies in season of 2003. Engine and gearbox are better than in -01.

Miikka Anttila became my co-driver on 11th of July 2003. He will read me notes until Carl Williamson recovers.

Ford Puma r 1600cc

Six gear sequential gearbox, about 200 hp, cylinder capacity 1596 cm3.

Suspension and engine are a bit out-of-date. Car looks good and it is moderate to drive. I participated in the first round of junior worldchampionship in Monte Carlo in 2004 with this car.

Subaru WRX STI -04, N-ryhmä

Six gears, 250-300 hp, built by Top Run

I drove in this season 2004 couple of World Championship rounds and Italian Championship.

Ford Fiesta, Super 1600 cc -04

I participated partly with this to the Junior Championship in 2004.

Suzuki Ignis 1600 cc -04

I participated partly with this to the Junior Championship in 2004.

Subaru Imbreza WRX STI -05 spec c

a car built by Prodrive

A 280 horsepower engine, suspension by Reiger and a five-speed sequential gearbox. Hydraulic hand brake and a launch control for the stage starts.

I took part in five World Championship rallies and in one national rally in Italy with this car during the season of 2005.

Toyota Corolla WRC -99

The car was built for Didier Auriol to participate in Neste Rally Finland 1999.After that it was bought from TTE by Anthony Warmbold. Then the car came to Finland for Marcus Gronholm. Juuso Pykalisto drove this car in the Finnish Championship series in 2004. At the end of the year 2004 Latvala Motorsport Ltd. bought the car. In 2005 I drove the Swedish rally with this car and also the Finnish Championship summer rallies. The chassis was renewed in the summer of 2005. The former Ohlings was replaced by Reiger. After that the car was much better to drive. Our technician P. Asunmaa altered the rear differential a bit at the beginning of 2006. After that the performance of the car improved. We painted the car red and off we went towards the Arctic Rally in Lapland. During the season of 2006 I took part in the Finnish Championship series.

Subaru WRX STI -06, N-ryhmä

a car built by Tommi Makinen Racing.

A 280 horsepower engine, a five-speed sequential gearbox and suspension by Geiger. During the season of 2006 the cars were allowed to have bigger breaks which made the P-WRC cars much more racing cars. The biggest differences between the seasons 2005 and 2006 were the improved breaks and the aerodynamics.


A 300 horsepower engine, six-speed hydraulic sequential gearbox, suspension by Reiger. The car weighs about 1 230 kg. There are hydraulic active differentials in the car, the 2004 model is allowed to have three differentials, but the 2006 model is allowed to have only one centre active differential.

I drove three World rally championship contest in tarmac with this car: Catalonia, Corsica and Germany.

In addition to rally racing I have studied simultaneously, at first at comprehensive school in Toysa and after that in Kuortane at the upper secondary school with orientation towards sports. My orientation was towards ice-hockey. I graduated on 4th June, 2005.

I did my military service between 3rd October, 2005 and 29th September, 2006 in Lahti in a unit oriented towards sports. I was discharged as a second lieutenant in the reserve.

We won Silver in Finnish Rally Championship 2006.


A 300 horsepower engine, a five-speed hydraulic sequential gearbox, Reiger suspension. The weight of the car is about 1230 kg. There is hydraulic centre active differential in the car, non-active differentials in the front and back. Spare tyre is located under the car. More information you can check from

I drove Wales Rally GB with this car in year 2006 and all 16 WRC rounds in the season of 2007.