Jari-Matti’s top moments 2002-2003

I passed English national licence in 5th of June 2002. My rally career started in 9th of June 2002 and I drove ten national rallies and after that I proceeded in to international class. Rally specialist and my teacher in rally school Pentti Airikkala was a great help in all kind of matters in England. In my first rallies I had a new Renault Clio (in the photo). It was a four-wheel drive and group N.
In my first six rallies my co-driver was Steve Harris.

When the Clio was not very long-lasting, I changed into a Citroen Saxo on 18th of August 2002 (group N, four-wheel drive). But this wasn´t any better either.

Then a group N, four-wheel drive Mitsubishi Lancer was found, from which it was started to be built a group A car for future international rallies.
Since 18th of August 2002 my co-driver has been Carl Williamson.

Year 2003 began with this Toyota Corolla WRC. My first touch to this kind of car was in 7th International Estonian Winter Rally. Car worked smoothly and it had good balance, it was totally different comparing to other cars I have driven.
In Estonia my co-driver was Miikka Anttila.