Co-driver: Miikka Anttila

Friday 27th of January

The rally got a sticky start because changing from the mixture of Alps and coast to snowy Lapland wasn´t so easy after all. Furthermore incipient flu and fever weren´t helping the situation. Yet our speed was improving stage by stage. Our result was third overall and second best points in Finnish Championship. 3rd overall, 2nd in Finnish Championship

Saturday 28th of January

I started the attack in the morning. It was a successful morning and we achieved two fastest times. But then on stage ten we had too much speed in a tight turn to the left and we drove off the road deep into a snowdrift. And of course no spectators on sight to help us. After shovelling for one hour we got the car out, but the rally was over for us.

Retirement SS10

Toyota Corolla WRC
Service team: Latvala Motorsport Oy
Rally engineer: Asko Kosonen