Neste Rally 2006 was driven with our own sponsorships from mainly Tuuri but also other regions of Finland. So we collected budget by ourselves and Asko Sairanen was my co-driver at this event. This is the only event that I have driven with Asko in WRC level. Our target was to pass the rally and get experience for the future. At the very first special stage we had some disagreements because of spin, but after that we got right mood. We tried our best and we were competing even for the 8th place, but we had also some technical difficulties. Tyre exploded at Ouninpohja and it got fired. We need to stop and extinguish the fire, it was quite close that whole car got burned. We managed to change the tyre but it took 3-4 minutes. We were dropped at the scoreboard quite a lot. After that we got oil leakage at the gear box and it caused another fire, but we managed with that. I don’t remember all the other difficulties but after all those we reached the finish at the 17th place. We got fighting spirit trophy. We decided to finish the rally, and so we did.