Co-driver: Miikka Anttila

It felt good to start the new season in Monte Carlo. Just before the rally we were informed that we can drive a WRC Ford in at least 12 world championships rounds. The competition itself started poorly. I was totally lost with my driving. On Thursday night when the rally started we had to drive the first stages in the dark and the fastest cars were way ahead of me. That was mostly because I was not able to test the car before the race and this was my first rally on tarmac with a Ford Focus 06 WRC. On Friday morning my driving got better and in the afternoon we were able to drive a few good stage times. We had some problems with our launch control on the last two stages on Friday, though. I changed a few adjustments which helped and on Saturday the driving felt pretty good. We even drove the third best stage times twice. Unfortunately Saturday ended badly, I hit a stone wall on the last stage and even though we were able to continue we had to retire because our roll cage got twisted. Only two and a half kilometres before the finish we had to let the eighth position go and retire. There is still much to learn!

retirement SS14

Car: Ford Focus WRC -06
Service Team: Stobart