Co-Driver: Asko Sairanen

This has been traditional contest for Asko and I, week after Neste Rally. Lahti Historic contest has been one of my favourite events among other summer hobbies. I had driven this rally since 2009. Now we were there with Audi for the first time. Start was good and we were fastest from the beginning. It was nice to drive with wide roads that we were in a good shape and the sun was shining. It was nice to have also Mikko Hirvonen there with Ford Escort BDA. It was two day rally and we hadn’t special problems. It was really enjoyable rally and Audi was nice to drive. The most dramatic moment was on the last road section before the finish when car started to keep knocking sound. Engine almost blowed before we reached the podium. We were so lucky, because any extra kilometres would have been fatal for the engine. We reached fifth victory in this event.

Car: Audi Quattro