”Four-wheel-drive is power” and the car is Quattro, Audi Quattro. It’s Historic time. Lahti Historic event has become a tradition for me. This year I drove there an Audi Ur Quattro like I did in Estonia in July. The car was a rental from Italy and they had fixed the gearbox after Estonia. They had also made the suspension better. Two days and 112 stage kilometers (13 stages). Lahti harbor, Kausala, Vääksy and Hämeenkoski. It was nice that the service moved with the competitors and service could be done on road sections like in the good old days. The Audi worked perfectly and it was a pleasure to drive on hard Finnish gravel roads. I experienced a disappointment in Neste Oil Rally but that was forgotten when I started to drive here even though with a slightly different kind of a car. I felt great the whole time and I increased my pace through the whole event the more I got used to the car. On stage nine in Tennilä I went a bit into a ditch so I had found my limit. I won the race by over four minutes, Valter Jensen from Norway (Lancia 037) was second and Mats Myrsell (Porsche Carrera RS) from Sweden took the third place.