Our Cars – Legendary rally cars from 1970’s to these days

Toyota Celica GT Four 1995, (Group A)

This car is known with model designation st205. It was released at the end of season 1994. This car was driven by Armin Shwarz in Rally Australia 1995. (5th in overall) and Juha Kankkunen in Swedish Rally 1996 (4th in overall). Later on Henning Solberg and Juha Kangas has used this car. I bought car from Lillbacka Group.

  • Engine:  2,0 L turbo charged
  • Differentials: Mechanical diff. front and rear, center diff. Visco
  • Gear box: 6-speed dogbox (Xtrac)
  • Suspension: Adjustable Öhlins dampers

Toyota Celica ST 165, (Group A)

Pekka Lillbacka has bought this car at the end of year 1990. Pekka drove with this car 1991-1993. Last rally was Rally of 1000 Lakes 1993. After that Pekka’s brother Jukka Lilbacka has driven two rallies with this car. We bought the car at the summer of 2016 and it took 10 months to built this car. Several parts has been bought from abroad, but now car is restored to the original shape. This car is restored with the original parts from TTE (Toyota Team Europe).

You can see the car in action at Peurunka Rally 2017 from here.

Some Onboard action can be found from this video.


  • Engine:  4-cylinder 1998 cm3 Toyota 3S-GTE
  • Power: 343hp
  • Transmission: Xtracin 6-speed
  • Turbo: Toyota CT26
  • Suspension: Exe-TC:n dampers
  • Clutch: Sachs 2-plate travertine clutch
  • Differential: Fixed center diff, front and rear plate
  • Brakes: 4-mäntäiset Alconin satulat
  • Weight: 1240kg



Toyota Celica ST 165

Ex Mats Jonsson

More information will be updated soon.

Toyota Celica ST 185

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Toyota Celica ST 185

Ex Marcus Grönholm

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Toyota Corolla WRC -99

TTE (Toyota Team Europe) built this car for Didier Auriol to be driven in Neste Rally Finland 1999. This car was the third last WRC Corolla of the TTE. People started to call the car “ a snake” in Neste Rally 1999 because Didier had trouble keeping the car straight even on straight roads. There was probably something wrong with the transmission which affected driving. In 1999 there was an experimental TV special stage, today’s Power stage. Back then if you had to retire you were not allowed to continue the race. This rally was an exception: you were allowed to drive that TV special stage.  Auriol retired after the second last special stage and the parts of his car were replaced in the service. He was the first car on the TV special stage so he drove before the rain, won the stage and gained three World Championship points.

  • Engine: four cylinders 1972 cc x 1,7 charged = 3352 cc
  • Engine power: 320 hp
  • Turbo: Toyota CT 20
  • Suspension: Reiger on gravel and Öhlins on tarmac.
  • Transmission: six speed hydraulic Joystick and in reserve a mechanical sequential shift (Xtrac)
  • Clutch: carbon-fiber clutch, multi plates (AP-racing)
  • Differential: active front and center diff, mechanical rear diff
  • Brakes: on gravel front and rear brake calibers with four pistons (Alcon) . On tarmac front brake calibers with six and rear brake calibers with four pistons (Alcon).
  • Weight: minimum 1230kg

Toyota Corolla GT, (Group F)

The annual model of the car is 1984 and it has been taken to Finland at the beginning of the 21st century. The car has been transformed from a road car into a rally car by Jukka Karjalainen.

  • Engine:  1587 cc
  • ECU: Hestec
  • Power: 215 hp
  • Suspension: Reiger (front) and Proflex (rear)
  • Transmission: Synchronized close-ratio dogbox (RS-car)
  • Grown wheel and pinion: 5.85 Volvo
  • Brakes: front brake calibers with four pistons (AP-racing) and rear brake calibers also with four pistons (Wilwood)
  • Weight: minimum classification weight 920kg

Audi Quattro A2, Group B

Audi Quattro A2, Group B 1984. 

Everyone who has seen and heard Group B rally car in action can’t ever forget those, me neither. I have always dreaming about driving with Group B rally car, that is why I decided to built up one.

  • Body is built in Poland
  • Engine and transmission is built in Finland
  • Car is assembled in Finland
  • Engine:  2,1 L aluminium block with turbo
  • Power: 400hp
  • Gear box: 5-speed synchronized gearbox with button switch. (When you change gear to lower, press the button on the top of gear lever and the clutch pedal will be pressed down with hydraulics. Then you can easily use left foot for breaking.
  • Quater panels, hatches, bonnet, boot and doors are made with kevlar

VW Golf GTi civilian car

I got this VW Golf GTi 1980 from Volkswagen and Volkswagen Motorsport in 2014. 

Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 3 replica, (Group A)

This replica based on Tommi Mäkinen’s manufacture car used in 1996 Acropolis rally (MRE M6).

  • Engine power: 320 hp
  • ECU: Motec
  • Suspension: Exe-TC
  • Transmission: six speed dogbox (Xtrac)
  • Differential: electrical front and middle diff. and mechanical rear diff.
  • Brakes: front and rear brake calibers with four pistons (AP-racing)
  • Weight: minimum 1230 kg
  • Clutch: carbon-fiber clutch, multi plates (AP-racing) 

Mitsubishi Lancer WRC step2

Mitsubishi built their first WRC car in 2001. The debut of the car was in San Remo, Italy. Later Mitsubishi released a Step2 version of their WRC car which our car represents. The car was bought from the Netherlands in 2013.This car was used by Francois Delecour in Wales Rally GB 2002.

  • Engine:  2 liters turbo
  • Power:  340 hp
  • Torsion:  580 Nm
  • Suspension: Öhlins
  • Differential: Full active differential
  • Gearbox: Sequential with six gears (Xtrac)
  • Brakes: front and rear calipers with four pistons (Ap-racing)
  • Wheels: 7×15” magnesium (Enkei)
  • Weight: minimum classification weight 1230 kg. (There are titanium parts in this car)

Ford Escort RS BDA (Group 4)

The car was built by Jukka Karjalainen in 2009 and it was rebuilt by Latvala Motorsport Ltd. in 2012.

  • Engine: 2 liters 287 hp BDG engine (built by Historic Rally Sport)
  • Suspension:Coil springs front and leaf springs rear (Reiger)
  • Rear shaft: Big Atlas with four links and Panhard rod
  • Grown wheel and pinion: 5.85
  • Transmission:Five speed synchronized close-ratio gearbox
  • Brakes: Front brake calipers with four pistons, rear brake calipers with two pistons (AP-racing)
  • Tyres: 15″
  • Weight: Minimum classification weight 860 kg

Sunbeam Avenger (Group 1)

Avenger was Jari-Matti’ second car, but his first rally car.

  • Engine:  1598 cc
  • Carburattors: 2x Weber 40DCOE
  • Power: 130 hp
  • Suspension: Bilstein, coil springs front and rear
  • Gear box: Synchronized close-ratio 4 speed gearbox
  • Grown wheel and pinion: 4.375
  • Tyres: 13″
  • Brakes: front with two piston calibers and manual rear calibers
  • Weight: minimum classification weight 781 kg