Co-driver: Miikka Anttila

I kept up the same speed as in Mikkeli. I drove the fastest time on the first stage. One of my rivals Jarmo Mikkonen drove off the road on stage three. After that we were fighting for the victory with Sebastian Lindholm. Sebastian´s car died at the take-off on stage five and because of that I got a few seconds’ lead. The victory was secured in the finish of the last stage after a successful drive. The car worked perfectly and that is why I would like to thank the whole Latvala Motorsport service team (Pekka Asunmaa, Asko Kosonen, Jouko Halla-aho, Reijo Häkkilä, Marko Mäkinen, Jari, Mari and Helena Latvala)


Toyota Corolla WRC
Service team Latvala Motorsport Oy.
Rally engineer Asko Kosonen