Co-driver Miikka Anttila.

Last round of JWRC. On first SS we had fourth fastest time. On third stage I run wide in one corner and rear hit to parapet. Luckily only exhaust pipe and after-hatch were damaged. On stage 6 I hit again to parapet. Supporting arm twisted and drive shaft snapped. We would have lost lots of time, but driver ahead us had driven off and blocked the road. So rally was stopped for a while but it was only a good thing for us. Everyone got compensated time. Saturday went well, we raised 4th. On sunday we chose wrong tyres again, but luckily we kept our position. On third last stage we slided to the ditch and hit to rock. We drove 50 km with damaged steering. After that front tyres wore out and we had to change them on stage.

22nd overall, JWRC 9th

Suzuki Ignis 1600cc
Service team JM Engineering.